Accidents Happen We are here to help! My car was towed to Don’s after an accident.  What do I do now?
Unless the police have placed a “hold” on your vehicle for investigative reasons, your car is being held for safekeeping.  If you have collision coverage for your vehicle and you intend to file a claim, you should notify your insurance of the accident and where your vehicle is.  If you have another body shop in mind to repair your car, either let the tow operator know at the time of the tow or call us; we will tow the vehicle to your shop of choice when they are open to receive the vehicle.  If you would like Don’s to work on your car, please call the body shop Monday-Friday 8 to 5 at (734)449-4485 to authorize the work.  In nearly all cases, towing and storage bills are covered by collision insurance.  If you do not have collision insurance, you will be responsible for towing and storage charges.  You should call our office to discuss your options.
May I request Don’s Towing to respond to my accident?
734-449-4484 24-Hour Towing 734-449-4485 Body Shop
If your vehicle is not being impounded for investigative or arrest reasons, state law allows you to call the tow company of your choice, provided they can respond in a timely manner.  If you want Don’s Body Shop to respond to your accident, be sure to call us as soon as possible.  When the police arrive, tell them you have called Don’s and a truck is on the way.